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Jocelyne Lavaud-Adams

Wood Turning

Jocelyne Lavaud-Adams is a Woodturner in Weddington, North Carolina. She has been experimenting with different types of materials such as nuts, deer antlers, acrylics and exotic woods for about eight years. Walking through the woods in her backyard in search of unusual pieces of dead wood is a favorite activity. The saying, “No one has a greater asset for his business than a man’s pride in his work” by Hosea Ballou guides Jocelyne’s approach to woodturning.


Gerald Beck

Images of Glory Photography

I was born and raised in New Orleans and became interested in photography when I joined the Photography Club as a junior in high school in the 1960’s.  I continued to develop my photography as a hobby while pursuing a career in the technology industry.  Once photography moved over from film to digital I was able to start dedicating more time to photography.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t until I retired from my ‘day job’ that I decided to pursue photography as a second career. 

In 2011 I suffered a heart attack and the experience of being so close to death changed my perspective of everyday life. I began to appreciate the beauty that is all around us on a daily basis but often overlooked while we are occupied by our busy lives.  My passion now is to photograph that beauty and share it in my pictures.



Kirsten Billingsley

Mermaids & Moons - Bath & Body Products

My name is Kirsten Billingsley. I am a health nut, exercise buff, and a bit crafty. I started soap making as a fun, creative alternative to family Christmas presents and fell in love with the craft. I am a full time nanny and find soap making to be my perfect hobby turned business that I love to share with people. When not crafting, I am usually mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping or relaxing on my mountain top retreat with my cat, family and garden. I love bright colors, dance parties, early mornings, and all things that smell good. 

I make my soaps from an all natural base with either coconut milk or hemp. I use essential oils to add in the fragrance and other natural ingredients to help sooth the skin, relax the muscles and the mind. I make the soaps I would buy in the store and try to meet everyone's wants and needs. My soaps are ever changing, and I am always trying new fragrances. They can also be customized to fit you. 


Jan Craft


I use the circle form to design from in the majority of my work. I introduce different materials and components to the circle in my jewelry and sculpture. I design with the abstractions of Nature in mind. Many times, I visually suggest horizon lines with silver lines, and make reference to Nature’s shapes, colors, and textures with pigments. My signature pieces are constructed of steel with a rust patina, added is a bright gold leaf, which shows the dichotomy of rustic and richness. My initial concept is the same when designing and constructing Sculpture or Jewelry, whether it’s a pair of earrings, or a 29’ Sculpture.



Jim Deason


I have been creating in clay, wood and many materials for years. In 1987 I graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in ceramics. I have been designing and building gardens for over 25 years and have a real love of the outdoors. My pottery is decorative/functional and fired in my gas atmospheric kiln.


Betty and Wayne Fulford

Alchohol Ink Tiles & Coasters, Wood Turning

Wayne Fulford is a  woodturner who specializes in exotic and unusual woods. Pepper mills, bowls and woodturned pens are a few of his beautiful turnings.

Betty Fulford is an artist painting with the little know medium of alcohol ink. The inks provide brilliant and vibrant colors which makes her coasters and paintings something to be treasured.

Hornets Nest Craftsmen

Ryan Brown,Tony Mullis,Neil McGuire, Jeff Ballard

Wood & Leather

Kate Kaplan

Kate Kaplan has been making jewelry since 2003.  She has a fresh and unique perspective.  Kate has attended William Holland Lapidary School every summer since 2003.  There she studied wire wrapping, chain making, lampwork bead making, cold connections, enameling, and glass fusing.  Her new work is primarily copper or other metals, dichroic glass, enameling, or a combination.

Kate’s work tends towards the whimsical.  She combines different techniques in her pieces and frequently uses asymmetry and contrasting colors.  She has shown her work in many different shows, winning first place at Inspire! Ballantyne, and Spring into Arts Concord, second place at Art on Main in Ft. Mill, and an honorable mention at a juried show at Mint Hill Arts. 

Kate’s work can be found at,, Fast Frame in Matthews, and Gold Kloth in Ballentyne. 



Doris Myers

My name is Doris Myers. I design and sew purses, wallets, cell phone bags, wristlets and many more ladies accessories. I use high quality fabrics and leather to create one of a kind items. I have been sewing all my life but have been able to devote all of my time to my favorite hobby since I retired 9 years ago. I also make t-shirt quilts by special order. I take great pride in my work and it brings me great pleasure and self-satisfaction. I have named my cottage industry CREATIVE ORIGINALS by DORIS.    



Suzanne Nash


Susanne is a Graphic Designer turned Jewelry Artist. She uses 
beads, wire and recycled pieces to create unique jewelry 
such as  no clasp “Tie One On”™ lariat necklaces, 
“Fingerprint”™ necklaces with unusual focals &
wire braided earrings w/necklaces that bend to fit a neckline.
Beads are stone, semiprecious gems, metals, organic or glass.

Look for unusual repurposed focal pieces in her jewelry as well as animal, botanical and celestial motifs.



Angela Piercy

My name is Angela Piercy and my little business name is "Happiness Is Homemade." I have items on display full time at Abernathy's Hardware in Stanley, NC and New Hope Greenhouse in Gastonia, N.C.
I was born in Stanley, NC and currently still reside there with my husband and children. This all began purely as a stress reliever for myself and a way to fill my time as my children have become older. I enjoy all things crafty and homemade. I was mainly influenced by my paternal grandmother and her love for hummingbirds and nature. As a child I recall seeing many different things in and around her home pertaining to these beautiful birds. She passed away 10 years ago but I choose to keep her memory alive everyday with these feeders, and I enjoy the fact that others enjoy them as much as I do.



Terry Ratchford

I'm hooked on watercolors and colored pencils.  I'm growing as an artist. I am feeling so much more confident in called myself an artist. 

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. But for the past 25 years I've been busy helping my husband in his tractor repair business and raising  our two kids.

I'm a self taught artist which leads to many opportunities  for happy or not so happy accidents to influence the finished project. I love the whimsical side of life.  I've been told that my sense of humor shows in my artwork.



Cindy Reed

Crafty Lady

Locally made fused stained glass pieces are hand cut and usually fused at least twice in a kiln.  Depending on the design or style, individual pieces may be fused separately, then fused together to make the composite piece.

Scarves are also locally hand-dyed using a variety of textile dyeing techniques.


Erin Whitener



Jean Wilson

Jean Wilson delights in making unusual, lightweight and mechanical jewelry, often with a message that is written or implied.  She is a certified PMC instructor and likes to combine PMC pieces with traditional silver work.   Jean lives in Belmont, NC and can be reached at